Dona Paula Malbec

Dona Paula Malbec Estate

Choosing the right wine to pair with your meals can be a challenge, but you will not be disappointed when you select the Dona Paula Malbec. Dona Paula is among the most popular South American wines, and the winery has four unique locations across the Mendoza region. These include El Alto, Alluvia, Los Cerezos and Los Indios. Each vineyard has unique soil conditions and climate factors that enable the winery to have access to an exceptional range of grapes, berries and other ingredients that are blended together to create incredible vintages. The Dona Paula Malbec is a soft yet intense variety that you will love.

Dona Paula Malbec

Dona Paula Estate Malbec

What the Wine Has to Offer
The Dona Paula Malbec has a deep reddish purple hue and a flavour that is uniquely fresh and sweet as well as bold and intense. The grapes used in this wine are grown in poor clay soil in a climate that is characterised by chilly evenings and warm days. The altitude is moderate, and rainfall is sparse. These conditions give the grapes and other ingredients a unique and bold flavour that you will love.

The Vinification
The grapes used in the Dona Paula Malbec wine are harvested at the same time each year, during the second week in March. The grapes are removed from the stems and barely broken before they are pre-fermented with a cold maceration process. The fermentation process concludes, and a 15 day post-fermentation maceration process finishes the vinification.

How to Pair the Wine
This wine from the region of Mendoza in South America is uniquely flavoured to provide you with an intense yet subtly sweet flavour that pairs well as meats such as lamb, beef, chicken and even some pork and fish dishes. It also is an exceptional wine that can be enjoyed on its own without a pairing.

This Malbec wine by Dona Paula wines is both strong and gracious while also being elegant and robust. This is a unique combination that is difficult to find in other wines, and its unique soil and climate conditions as well as the vinification process gives it a flavour that will soon become one of your favorites.

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